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Unmatched value add services to keep your project on track.

Ideematec has paired the industry's most efficient and adaptable tracker with the industry's most comprehensive offering of standard services. When we deliver L:TEC trackers to your project site, you receive the best industry know-how, training, technical assistance, and, most importantly, confidence.

Project planning begins with our engineer's first visit to your project site, collecting data through soil investigation and foundation analyses. This results in preliminary drawings considering the project conditions like terrain, wind loads, and other climate influences. We provide all these on-site services because we understand your success hinges on industry-leading comprehensive support and partnership from planning to commissioning.

Get projects up and running sooner with L:TEC and Ideematec.

We know that our customers demand fast, accurate, and efficient commissioning on their projects, so we spare no effort to verify that your project is operating as expected. On-site or remote commissioning provides even more flexibility for developers and EPCs to meet deadlines, all while saving on project costs more effectively.

With Ideematec, knowledge generates power.

We provide comprehensive training and instruction for local workers and supervisors for every project, providing them with clear and concise installation and maintenance documentation. Training continues beyond the job site; Ideematec offers customized training in our soon-to-be-complete ID Training Academy at our headquarters in southern Germany. 

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