L:TEC securely supports any module type

Plug & Play Modularity

L:TEC 1P and L:TEC 2P are configurable for all module types, even XXL modules. 1P is the best solution for XXL modules due to less steel required and increased ground cover ratio. As module size increases, so does its vulnerability to wind-induced oscillations. L:TEC's uniquely designed platform allows for the largest and most efficient modules to be selected confidently, thanks to its unmatched galloping resistance.

Did you know?

L:TEC module compatibility facts:

  • The entire line of L:TEC trackers support all standard module types: 72, 78, and bifacial.
  • Unlimited compatibility ensures an optimized BOS layout.
  • Fully modular tracker configuration seamlessly integrates modules via our patented module support mechanism.
  • XXL modules are natively compatible with 1P, 2P and Agri PV solutions

Simplify, streamline, and innovate. That's our mission.

We designed L:TEC with the flexibility to accept any module because our mission has always been to simplify, streamline, and boost efficiency. Employing large format modules on longer string lengths without sacrificing stability is the edge needed to build a truly efficient and profitable plant.

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